How I Roll is a site featuring gay porn actor Steve Cruz and his personal mini-crusade for "safe sex". Steve mentions his personal "awakening" when he visited a clinic for an HIV test. Reviewing his recent history - which involved a lot of fucking - he was stunned by the number of guys who asked for bareback sex. It seemed it was more popular in recent years and it shook him, somewhat. He wondered what had occurred to relax the safe sex mind set when HIV infections were once again on the rise. He decided to act and this site is one result. In here, Steve provides enormous relevant information concerning the virtues of safe sex and how to get as much possible enjoyment from it. There is no punishment ethic alive here whatsoever. These words come from someone who believes safe sex can be every bit as lively and intimate as bareback sex. He describes everything there is to know about "sero-sorting" - choosing partners with similar levels of viral conditions - to condoms - from sizing (very important), to lubes to use (oil-based lubes can dissolve condoms), to refreshing the condom every 20 minutes during intercourse owing to the friction and possible breakage. STD's and HIV are still a factor in our sexual lives. Indeed, they are unfortunately on the increase. This is an extremely timely effort by a more-than-knowledgeable practitioner of safe sex, in film and in his own life. Steve Cruz enjoys sex and he wants everyone else to - and for a long time.

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