More and more I wonder at life, at the laws we have in place. I mean if you think about it, a lot of what is illegal today, was considered to be quite normal a few hundred or thousand years ago. Seriously, we talk about how advanced our society is, and in some ways it is, yet in other ways it seems so archaic.

I mean we don't go stoning people for cheating on their husbands, least not in the Western World, so that has to be a plus. Mind you, the divorce rate was pretty low back then, while it is about 60% today. We don't go cutting off hands if you shoplift, nor do we cut the tongues out of those who lie about others. Instead we have Lawsuits.

Hmm, I wonder, would we have less frivolous lawsuits if the penalty for making a false accusation was public caning or would we have a larger BDSM population? Like look at the French Revolution, the thousands that turned out for the public punishments such as lopping heads off of people who were considered Royalists, or oppressors of the masses.

Makes you wonder, how civilized we have become as the Anglicans try to work out whether Gay Clergy is okay or not, yet a few thousand years back it was expected of the nobles to take a coming of age male, and teach them about sex, in a personal way. Now can you just see that happening today? Like that's a big jail sentence waiting, isn't it?

How about how there is such an outcry by parents about what their little offspring find on the Internet? I mean okay, some of the stuff is a bit over the top for a kid, but remember, back in Ancient Times, a kid was under 12. Even today in most Religious Orders, kids of 13 are considered MEN / WOMEN, yet outside the Church, it is 18 or older.

Then too, how about how Pornography is a huge billion dollar industry. I mean what, a very few numbers spend all that money on porn, but the silent majority runs away from it? Like how can there be so many Adult Only shops in cities, if no one is into seeing naked pictures or sex videos? I think one online pay per view service lists over ten thousand titles. So like, what they make all those titles with a handful of actors, actresses, just so another handful can watch them?

I don't think so, yet these same people that watch, buy the so called dirty stuff, the porn, are the one's who elect the idiots who pass laws trying to shut down Pornography. I mean it makes no sense, but then, hey, when did life make sense? After all, some of the biggest users of porn appear to be the very officials writing these stupid laws.

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