God Bless the UK is all I've got to say. When I opened up the zip file and saw Harris here, I just about soiled myself. What a fucking hunk. This is the type of guy I can REALLY get nasty for. UK NAKED MEN always bring us sensational looking men from the United Kingdom. Harris is most definitely among the top of the list. Look at that ass! Wait until he turns around guys. Believe it or not, his front is just as nice as his back.


Skinheaded and uncut. Damn man! He's kinda serious looking too and that really gets me going. Harris means business. I'm sure once the doors are locked, the lights are low and the clothes are shed - you're all his.


Nice physique on this bloke. He looks like a footballer to me. Perhaps rugby? Hmm. Nice athletic bod anyway. And the way he's pulling on that pud I'm sure he'd welcome a sizzling hot mouth right about now. I'm your boy Harris!


Love it when a mega hot man like Harris peels back his foreskin. Big red swollen head. Glands exposed to the elements. Like my tongue!! LOL. They say uncut men are more sensitive to stimulation. Well....this cocksucker can tell you that it's more than true. UK NAKED MEN are the shizzle when it cums to some of the best looking UK dudes you'll ever meet on your monitor. Why not take a little trip mates?!

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