MichaelBroderickJUG3.jpgFor years, the art of Michael Broderick has glorified regular, everyday guys from baseball players to next door neighbors to construction workers - and even Santa Claus. These hunky horny toons are depicted in centerfold-style solos and passionate - and steamy - sex scenes and have been seen many times in MEN and BLUE magazines. Even though the influences of erotic artists like Tom of Finland can be seen in Michael Broderick's work, he has his own clean, crisp and humour style that brings his toons to life!

After years of letters from Michael Broderick fans, famed publisher Bruno Gmünder has complied a collection of Michael Broderick's work and has created a book showcasing his toons. The book, called Just Us Guys, is due to hit bookstore shelves this June. You can learn more about Michael Broderick and see a gallery of his sexy male toons at his website, www.hottlead.com

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