Nikolas is an 18 year old college freshman who decided to do a few porn shoots for College Dudes 24/7 in order to make some extra money. What he wasn't expecting was how popular he was on the site. Guys really wanted more of him, and it's easy to see why, so the site decided to send him on a road trip with Brad and a cameraman and see what happened once everyone was on neurtral ground. Well, what happened was some red hot hotel/motel sex that started off with Brad grabbing Nikolas' dick while they were both lying on the bed.

Soon Brad had his lips wrapped around that hard 18 year old cock and was sucking it like crazy. The guys were so into it that they didn't even bother getting undressed!


Once he was horny as hell, Nikolas wanted his ass to get some attention, and he made that pretty clear to Brad as he spread his legs wide and exposed that sweet pink hole.


Looks like Brad was more than ready to give Nikolas exactly what he wanted. Brad pushes Nikolas' legs wayyy back, gets his face in there and gets to work eating Nikolas' ass and showing just how much he loves to give a rim job!


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