will helm in suit fucking

French business man Will Helm has just spent the night in a posh London hotel, and he's got some meetings with potential clients today. He's still in his bathrobe when he opens his suite door to pick up the morning paper. He lingers in the doorway to read the headlines and suddenly gets a feeling that he's being watched from the peephole in the suite door across the hall.

Helm heads back inside, but he leaves the door ajar. A morning wank would be nice, but he's not counting on it, so he proceeds to get dressed in his suit. As he finishing with his tie, he hears the door creak behind him. Helm decides not to turn around. He soon feels a pair of masculine hands wrapping around him, then a pair of soft lips nuzzling and kissing his neck. The stranger moves in closer and Will feels a stiff cock pressing into his butt and dry humping him.

Will can't take the suspense any longer, he has to see if this cock looks as good as it feels. When he turns he finds masculine muscle hunk Kriss Aston standing there with a raging hard-on. The two men kiss as Helm wraps his fist around this beautiful uncut cock. And as you can see Will doesn't keep his suit on for long before pushing this hunk back on the bed and pumping his ass full of dick.

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