Wouldn't it be nice to just lay back in the sun in some foreign land like Jamaica? Think of all the hot boys strolling along the golden beaches, wearing nothing but speedos. Damn, it is enough to get anyone a wee bit hot and horny, and now you can enjoy a nice stay at a gay friendly hotel.

There are lots of information listed here, on the hotel itself, the fees, the menus but there are also a list of some interesting sites to visit, to take in.

Sure its sort of a travel site I suppose, but hell, if you got the cash, why not enjoy a bit fun in the sun. Visiting this site will give you a bit of a glimpse into what is available, along with some prices for comparison shopping.

After all while Gays supposedly have a larger amount of disposable income, it doesn't mean we piss it away or aren't inclined to find a bargain or two. Specially if they are cute.

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