Johnny's one of the hottest guys that Perfect Guyz has ever shot, and they recently brought him back for another round of photos and video. Starting from the top of his head, I think Johnny's very good looking and I love his plump, kissable lips. I love kissing, so I'm immediately turned on when I see a guy with full lips. You just know that he's got to be a good kisser with lips like these. And Johnny has a bad boy quality about him, sometimes smiling, sometimes sneering. Either way, he's hot. Johnny's got a beautifully developed upper body: round shoulders, hard pecs, very ripped six pack of abs, man you sure you dump a nice load in the valley running up the middle of his torso. And Johnny's completely smooth. And of course, Johnny's got a beautiful cock -- reasonably sized and a little on the thick side with a well-defined cock head, all this and a hot set of loose hanging balls. Flip Johnny over and you're treated to two gorgeous mounds of fuzzy flesh. What a beautiful ass. You're going to love checking out Johnny and lingering over his pictures.

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