Beautiful Uncut Cock

One of the things that I like about UK Naked Men is the sheer variety of guys and men they present on their site. I'm generally a man's man kind of guy - I like them big and hairy. But I've noticed that as I get older, like most men, good-looking young guys turn my head every now and then. This is Alex, he's just arrived on UK Naked Men and at 20 years of age, he's definitely out of my range. But I sure don't mind looking at his beautiful body. He's a tall 6 feet and weighs in a 130 pounds. He's got very long legs and a lean, smooth torso. And wait until you see this guy's ass. Fuck! If that doesn't inspire the top in you, nothing will. It's round, plump, and just waiting to be fucked. Alex has a 7.5-inch, uncut cock. As he gets his cock hard, he really gets into playing with his foreskin. And this drives me crazy. He hooks his finger inside his foreskin and pulls it right over his cock head, and of course, this just makes his cock even harder. Oh dear, I'd better stop writing about this or I'm going to have a mess on my hands. Enjoy!

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