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TJ is one of Corbin Fisher's favourites. He loves watching TJ getting his ass plowed. And this week TJ is paired up with Gage, a hot-bodied stud with a nice, big dick. TJ and Gage were going at it so long that Corbin Fisher had to split the video into three parts! In the first part, the guys chill out and talk about one another. Then, they start making out in a hot tub, swapping blowjobs, and Gage starts playing with TJ's ass. In the second part, Gage preps TJ's hole for his big dick -- rimming him, fingering him, and teasing him with his big dick. TJ is really craving a pounding -- pretty much begging for it -- so Gage obliges, burying his big dick inside TJ. He pounds him hard and TJ ends up sucking Gage off. In the third part of this hot fuck session, we get to see some outtakes. There are candid and humorous moments and you really get a good at the guys behind-the-scenes.

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