Hot Skateboarder

Now this is my kind of skateboarder. Meet Zev Rounder, he's a British skateboarder - 28, 5'6", 155 pounds. And he's a red-head. I'm partial to red-heads, I guess because I was one when I had hair on my head. Zev has a full, firey beard and blue eyes, quite the amazing combination. I'm usually attracted to older men or guys my own age. Once I hit my forties, I started to notice that I had developed a certain fondness for younger guys, mostly jock types that you find hanging about Corbin Fisher or Fratmen, but other types as well, like skateboarders. And I liked the unusual look of Zev. You don't see a lot of red-heads in gay porn, so that caught my eye right away. And he's covered in tattoos and piercings, and I find that hot as well. He's got a couple of amazing tattoos on his back that you'll see when Zev bends over and shows us his furry and beefy ass. I was initially attracted to something glistening on his cock, it turned out to be another piercing, but then I noticed that he was also uncut. And I love foreskin. Zev even looks like he might dress up well as a skinhead, another one of my favourite looks. But as Zev undresses, you'll notice that he's a little on the stocky and thick side - a perfect, red-headed, skateboarding bear cub. And he's featured on Bear Films.

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