Naked Man in Suit

Men at Play does have the hottest men stopping by; and not just from England, but from all over Europe. Eduardo Dubov is a horny, blue-eyed stunner with an eyebrow piercing and beautiful kissable lips. I love a man with a hot set of lips. He starts off his photo shoot wearing a beautiful grey suit and a tie in various shades of mauve and grey. As he unbuttons his dress shirt, he reveals a hard and smooth chest. Unbuttoning it all the way, we see his hard, perky nipples and chiseled pecs. Sliding off those trousers, he's sitting around in his shirt and knee-high socks, his tie still draped around his neck. His big, fat, uncut cock is slung across his thigh - and Eduardo sure is packing large. He's got a thick shaft, juicy cock head, and a tight, smooth set of balls that hug close to his body. Eduardo stands in front of a mirror and wraps his fist around his big cock. It swells thick and you just want to wrap your lips around it.



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