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We don't see a whole lot of redheads in gay porn, but there's nothing hotter than a burning bush at the bottom of the totem pole. Jameson is 22 years old with sparkling blue eyes and a solid, athletic body. Jameson is the classic well-rounded athlete, growing up on football and ice hockey. From the midwest, Jameson now lives on the west coast and he's enjoying the adventure of exploring his new surroundings. Jameson is straight, and being naked in front of the camera was felt a little daring for this redhead, especially when his cock started getting hard. Jameson's body is covered in fine hair and he's sporting a couple of tattoos. And he's got a delicious cock. It's big enough to suck and fuck and have a good time, but not so big that your mouth is going to cramp up. Jameson is definitely the kind of guy you'll want to cuddle up with on a Sunday morning and have yourself some hot morning sex.

Cute Redhead Guy

Redhead Guy with Big Dick

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