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Michael Phelps fans are going to want to check out Fratmen's Willie. And while we can see Phelps in the buff, Willie has no problem stripping nude and showing off his hot, swimmer's body. He's a tall guy with a lean and ripped body. And while Willie's torso is completely smooth, except for a small patch of fur crawling up his six packs, his legs are very hairy. And Willie's cock is a little bigger than you're average guy's and it's nice and thick with a beefy pair of low hangers. And Fratmen has a double treat waiting for you where Willie is concerned: no only is he featured in a hot jack off session, but he also gives his best friend a blowjob. You'll definitely want to check this out because guy-on-guy sex doesn't happen all that often on this sizzling frat boy site.

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