Hot Naked Jocks

Jock USA is a study of extremely well-built and developed men, just with the breath-taking additional bonus of them having sex with one another. Did I say "boner" or "bonus"? Oh well, no diff. Naturally, choosing 'jocks' as a category seals the deal on expectations - we expect gorgeous biceps, washboard abs, studly legs and the classical V-shaped physiques for which the author, Hunter Cox, does not disappoint in the slightest. This is a superb viewing of the classic lines of basically what could easily be termed the fittest men in the world, as any sports- or body-building blog would reveal if it's worth its salt. And this one culls the best and - ironically somehow - what appears to be the most accessible types of guys who sport those builds but whose passion for gay sex is so obvious. There is some tenderness in these badasses, as well as some screeching hot fucking. Hunter manages to insert humanity into these Gods of The Male Form, choosing exceptionally well his subjects from video episodes of the very best websites. One can simply scroll for a while, seeing the handsome fuckers doing their thing and still gain some surfing pleasure without even hitting "Play". This is a very cool site, as is his other one, featuring more "regular" folks. Well done, Hunter!

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