Okay, I know, I'm jumping on the Superman bandwagon. But hey, when a guy's as hot as Logan and he's sporting a Superman tattoo, what's a guy to do? Logan's 23 years old and stands 6'2". He's got the most beautiful sculpted shoulders and biceps and a 40" chest. And the boy's got big feet - size 12 - and you know what that means. Yup, the boy's got a beautiful 8" cut cock. It's thick with a deliciously shaped cockhead. And he's got a healthy set of nuts, too. But I'm really more into how a guy looks than fascinated by the size of his cock. And Logan's a stunner! He has the most beautiful green eyes, don't you think? And those lips ... I love a nice set of full, kissable lips. And since I enjoy kissing a lot, I imagine spending a lot of time necking with this hot muscled guy before sliding down for the main course. On my way down, however, I'd be making a pit stop to suck on his beautifully large nipples atop those hard pecs. I think I just found a favourite new site.

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