Derek Russo is one gorgeous hunk of muscle! With a body like that, it's no surprise that he's appeared 3 times in Playgirl and that he's back doing a shoot for Manifest Men . Derek spends hours every week in the gym, perfecting that muscular body of his. He's got discipline and focus, and it really pays off - this guy is hot. Derek is a man's man. He's strong, his arms and shoulders bulge with muscle. He has an incredibly masculine presence that draws eyes whether he's working out or just walking down the street.

Derek's arms aren't his only perfectly sculpted bodyparts. Once the shirt comes off, you can see Derek's powerful chest and washboard abs - he's not huge, but his physique is all muscle.


After his workout, the Manifest Men photographer decides to shoot him in the shower. Damn, that was a good choice! Derek is even hotter when he's dripping with water, his back and ass are firm, hard and powerful.


I think this might be the ultimate pic of Derek. Every inch of him is wet and naked from the top of his head to his cock and thighs. He's flexed and muscular - a muscle god!


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