The Hot Men Chart! Yessiree! And that is exactly what you get here - nothing but seriously hot men. The current poll is set up for older guys. All are very well endowed, very well muscled, and have that look that will most certainly get your mind reeling with thoughts of them jumping out from inside your monitor and showing you what they can do with their big weapons. It's a large blog so give it a minute or so to open. There is a lot to take in. Every kind of man you can think of is featured in pure naked splendor. Daddies, twinks, musclebears, jocks and of course men of many different races. All are engaged alone which is kinda nice for a change. Most are just posing and showing off their wares, however some are taking it right to the end and blowing big wads of cum all over themselves. Obviously the blogmaster spent a lot of time putting this together, choosing nothing but the best of the best when it comes to spectacular looking males.

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