David is a stunning and hot Italian guy, but he's also got those all American boy next door good looks. He's a gorgeous guy with a tight, defined body, a small, perfectly proportioned ass and 8 inches of sizlling cut cock! And whether he's shirtless and wearing a pair of jean, or lounging in a pair of white underwear briefs, or completely naked, David is intoxicating to look at. He's got a super cute face and beautiful blue eyes and lucious kissable lips. His body is lean, smooth, and he's sporting some tattoos. And the boy is fairly well equipped -- 8 inches and reasonable thick. And when he's completely hard, he's got a bit of a banana curve to that monster. He trims his pubes and shaves his butt. And I'm betting he shaves his butt hole, too. Unfortunately David's straight, so we'll have to confine our dirty thoughts to our fantasies, but it's always fun to dream. David's a hot package and he puts on a good show in his jack off video.

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