Hot Irishman

Christof hails from the Emerald Isle where redheads rule. And this week he's peeling off his clothes and showing off his stuff at UK Naked Men. He's a good-looking guy and wearing a bit of chin scruff. His skin is pale and he's smooth, except for a fiery red patch of hair above his glistening pink cock. His balls are tight and shaved and his slightly thick dick stands straight up at attention. After a quick shave in the bathroom, Christof returns with a smooth chin. And that not all that's smooth. When he gets down on his knees and starts fingering his butt hole, you'll notice that his fuck hole is shaved clean. Nothing to hinder those fingers of his from sliding deep inside his rosebud. Christopf has a beautiful ass, you'll want to get down their and lube it up with your tongue. But for now, you'll have to be content with watching his fingering himself.

Hard Irish Cock

Irisg Guy's Ass

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