The internet is full of gorgeous and athletic guys, and that's what makes surfing so much fun. But I have to tell you, when I stumbled on a site called Hot Gymnast, I immediately fell in lust. Okay, I admit it - the site itself isn't exactly beautiful, but the site owner is. His name is Antonio and the site is all about him as he is not only the subject but also runs his site single-handedly. He's a gymnast who's into martial arts and kick boxing, and all that exercise has done his body good because he's just about perfect. Not only that, but he handsome and seems to be a truly nice guy. His site offers pics of him and downloadable videos, but my favorite part is the live show. Antonio is not only damned sexy - he's also personable and friendly and accessible. What can I say? He's good looking, built like a brick house, got a sexy back east accent and does a great live show. I really enjoyed Antonio and his site, Hot Gymnast!

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