I love watching guys showering. I'm always fascinated with the guys showering at the gym, but recently my gym installed individual stalls. So now, all those hot bodies are locked up in cubicles. What a shame! Oh well, I still get a peek in the change room when the guys are finishing drying off and getting into their clothes. But I really love watching the water splash all over a guy's body. I love watching him soap and massage his body. And I especially love watching them lather up their cocks and butt cracks. Washing away all that sweaty goodness. Ah, I do miss it. So I was happy to come across Paul here who is showering up over at UK Naked Men. And what a hot body this 24-year-old has. He looks so hot with the spray hitting his chest bouncing through the air and trickling down his six pack of abs. The water streams over his rock hard 7-inch, uncut cock as he jacks it under the water's warmth. He turns around and spreads his butt cheeks for the camera, letting water trickle down his back. And fuck, Paul's got the most gorgeous set of hairy legs and they're especially sexy looking when wet. Okay, I need to go have a shower and cool down.

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