Hot German Guy

Mark is a 27-year-old German guy and he recently stripped naked and jacked off on Berlin Male. Mark is the quintessential German - blond hair, blue eyes, good looking, and well-hung. I have always had a thing for Germans, although funnily enough, I'm not really into blonds. Although you don't have to look very hard to find non-blond Germans. Mark is a bisexual guy who lives in Berlin and he's sporting a 7-inch, uncut cock. And he's got a very well-defined and strong body - smooth and beautifully tanned. When his cock is soft, it's pretty small - it's kind of cute actually. But give this German guy a couple of minutes with some lube and a porn video, and you'll be saying, "Whoa! Where did that come from?" Mark is definitely a grower. And aren't they the best kind of cocks. I remember I was sucking this one guys cock and it was pretty unimpressive when I first wrapped my mouth around it. But within a couple of minutes I had a mouth of a cock and no room to spare. His cock head swelled to the size of a small apple and I just said, "Fuck, that's quite the dick!" Mark's cock doesn't grow quite that big, but it's quite impressive. And he shoots quite the delicious load of cum all over his smooth stomach.



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