Hot German Bi Cutie

Martin B of Sweet Adonis is certainly similar to most 20 year olds these days. He loves skiing, cars and sex! Not necessarily in that order I would imagine. This sexy German hottie is from Berlin, and stands 5'11" and weighs in at about 154lbs when naked. Seeing this cutie naked is definitely a treat too, especially when his delicious 7 inch cock is hard and twitching. Another thing worth mentioning in regard to Martin's open minded generation is that like most, he's versatile when it cums to sex and loves both genders. I can certainly picture him in a boy-boy-girl scene couldn't you? Once Martin has stripped out of his clothes, he proceeds to pull on his foreskin through his underwear. Then a nice turnaround leaves us with a perfect view of his sweet ass. I guess all the posing got the hunk all hot and bothered as he retires to the couch to show us his big feet and engage in a good jerking off session. Check out that smile!

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