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Craig Daniels is an Aussie daddy who stopped by Hot Older Male recently to show us a little bear lovin' from Down Under. He's 47 years old, stands 6'2" and weighs a lean 195 pounds. And I find his torso a real big turn-on. He's slender with pockets of meat here and there; and he's nice and furry. He's got a treasure trail that crawls up from his navel and lands in the dark, triangular patch in the middle of his chest.

But I'm particularly fond of his cock. One thing about Aussies is that many of them are packing uncut cocks. Unfortunately, this furry Australian is cut. But his meaty cock more than makes up for the lack of foreskin. And I love how Craig's dick juts out from his pelvis and hangs heavily. He's got a tight pair of shaved nuts, which are almost always my favorite kind.

When he lies down on his stomach across the bed, he shows off a plump butt, not too beefy, but meaty enough. And his butt cheeks are covered in a light dusting of fur. For now, Craig Daniels is featured in a solo jerk-off video. But I can't wait to see who Hot Older Male pairs up with this furry Aussie and who is going to be doing the fucking.

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