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Joshua Fensen is a hot fucking man. He was referred to Man Avenue by another model, and I'm glad that he decided to take his clothes off and show us his ripped body. Joshua is a good-looking guy with steel-blue eyes and a square jaw. He hasn't shaved, so he's wearing some sexy 5 o'clock shadow. And he's got a hot pair of kissable lips.

This stud is perfectly ripped. I love his plump, chiseled pecs. There's a light dusting of hair around his nipples and another small patch in the center of his chest. His abs are ripped and a treasure trail of fur rises up from his crotch. The fur circles around his belly button before trailing north towards his chest. God, that's so sexy.

Joshua has nice, big feet and hands. He puts those hands to use stroking his sturdy cock. It's not a huge cock, but it's the kind of dick you'd like to suck for a long time. It's perfectly proportioned and sized, and isn't going to be a chore to suck. Joshua sits back and strokes his meat and pounds out a thick load of spunk all over his hairy pubes. What a hot guy!

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