What a great fucking picture. I just love this guy's cock. Look at how thick and meaty it is. The shaft is thick enough to fill up your whole mouth and his cock head is perfectly proportioned in blazing purple. And traces of foreskin gather just behind his cock head, reminding you that he's uncut. This would be a great cock to suck for a very long time. No quickie bathroom blowjob here. And since this guy is featured on Men at Play, I'm thinking that it would be hot to stop by his office just as everyone is heading out the door for home. Sitting in his office, chatting about the day, I wait for the stragglers to leave. Once they're all gone, I get up and lock the door. When I return, I go around to his side of the desk, twirl his chair around, and get down on my knees. Fishing that big, huge uncut cock out of his dress slacks, I blow him right there in his own office. With his hands clasp behind his head, his beefy thighs spread, and his trousers down around his ankles, I lovingly suck his fat cock for a long time. Now that's a perfect way to end the day.

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