trey and sean

Sean and Trey are a couple of hot guys and when they're getting it on with the other Corbin Fisher guys, they're sensual. It seemed natural to pair these two together and Corbin Fisher figured their sexual energy would go off the charts. They started off touching and kissing and they eagerly explored the other's body. Trey's got a nice, long cock and he slides it all the way down Sean's throat. Sean gets some lip action from Trey, who is a good cocksucker and has no problem deep throating this stud's hard cock. But Trey is into feet, too, so Sean gets his toes sucked and his feet licked.

During some 69 cock sucking, Sean fingers Trey's ass. Then he pushes his legs up and eats out Trey's butt hole. Sean teases Trey's hole with his cock, making Trey beg to feel his stiff cock inside of him. As Sean stuffs his meat into Trey's ass, he holds his buddy by the thorat and pounds him hard. These first fucking moments are intense.

Trey takes over and gets Sean to lie back, then he rides his cock hard. They kiss hungrily while Trey pumps up and down on Sean's dick. There's a little ass slapping, too. And when these studs are fucking doggy style, Trey blasts his cum load all over the bed. Sean pulls out a covers Trey's ass cheeks with jizz. And in the post-cumming moments, the guys laugh and talk about how hot that was and they make a deal to flip things around the next time they're together. I can't wait!

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