Meet Rad from Dixter. He's a 27 year old straight amateur guy who's into kickboxing and all sorts of extreme sports, which is probably why he has the athletic and somewhat muscular body he has.. Rad says in addition to sports, he's also into extreme sex - unfortunately with women, only. But that being said, Rad has what it takes to do porn. He is very sexually excited at the idea of showing his stuff in front of the camera, he likes getting paid - and as you can see, Rad has a genuine 8 1/2 inch uncut cock.

Rad looks hot from every angle. He has a perfectly shaped ass, rounded, squeezable and firm. It's the kind of ass that looks great in jeans, in white briefs or in nothing at all.


For a straight guy, Rad is pretty cooperative. When the photographer from Dixter tells him to spread his ass, he spreads it wide enough to show the pink puckered hole. Doesn't it look ready for a tonguing?


Rad was really turned on by stroking his cock in front of the camera. After pumping his cock harder and faster, he can't hold back and shoots a huge and very thick load of cum on his stomach!


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