Hot Frat Boy Levi

When you look into Levi's gorgeous eyes, can you picture him as the son of a Nebraskan farmer? I definitely can. There's a certain naive innocence in those sexy peepers to me. Fratmen tells us that Levi has a very easy manner about him and I would imagine this is a result of his heritage and upbringing. Levi currently attends a local university and while we didn't get much information about his athleticism, one look at the hunky jock and you can be sure the boy is pretty active. Talk about a "V" shaped body - 2ow. Levi has a very small waist that tapers down into the sweetest ass I've seen in ages. He turns around and that cock of his is just about as hard as a dick can be. He doesn't even have to touch it. I guess all this exposure has done something to the college boy. Sweet and innocent he may look, but Levi is obviously not without his wild side.

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