This is Big D and he's one of the latest guys jacking off on Stroke That Dick. The guys who run Stroke That Dick first met Big D at the garage where he works. One of the guys needed some repair work done on their bike and took it to Big D's shop. When they saw the bulge that Big D was sporting in his overalls, they asked him if he ever considered flashing that monster for some cash. Big D thought about it and eventually said he'd be up for that. And we're glad he did. It's not often we get to see a 10 x 6 monster cock. And I wonder if that six inches was measured from around the middle of his cock because if so, he's a lot thicker at the base. Fuck! Those last couple of inches would really hurt. And Big D is a big man in every way. He stands 6'1" (nice to see he's not another one of those 5'7" guys with a huge cock) and he weighs in at 180. He wears a size 12 shoe and he's sporting a couple of large-egg sized nuts to go along with that thick piece of sausage flopping between his legs. Big D lies back on the Stroke That Dick leather sofa, watches some straight porn, and shows us what his dick can do.

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