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Hailing form the West Coast, 24-year-old Mike Bollins is the quintessential California boy -- fresh, young face; good looking; solid 185 pounds, and a beautiful smile. He's a down-to-earth guy and works out regularly to stay in shape. And what a sight he is lying on the sofa in his underwear getting ready to do a solo shoot for Circle Jerk Boys. Strong upper body, sculpted, and curved. He's completely smooth, and even keeps his pubes cropped short. The lack of hair just makes his muscles pop. He fishes out his big cock and starts working up an erection. But he's not ready to put on his jack off show just yet, he teases us with his beautifully plump butt. He gets down on his knees, aims that bubble butt at the camera, and pushes his stiffening cock backwards between his legs. He gives us a look at that smooth, deep ass crack before he lies back on the couch. Cupping his balls with one hand, he jacking his substantial cock with the other. He shoots perfectly white drops of cum pearls on his freshly shaved pubes and smooth bellies.

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