I am not a top by any stretch of the imagination. But sometimes I see an ass that just inspires me to explore new things. Mark is the latest guy to join the hot men at UK Naked Men, and he's got one beautiful, bubble butt. Two perfectly round globes of flesh, a deep ass crack, and a shaved butt hole. Who could ask for anything better? And the great thing about Mark's ass is that his butt cheeks just seem to stay parted, revealing his delicious butt hole. I love eating ass, but sometimes you have to fight so hard to keep a guys butt cheeks spread open wide. It doesn't look like I'd have this problem with Mark. There are some equally teasing pictures of him lying on his back and holding his legs in the air. What a sight! Mark has some interesting tattoo work done across his chest and some more on his arms. He's a good-looking guy and he's sporting a really nice set of kissable lips. We don't ever really see a lot of Mark's cock, which is fine with me, but he's got a nice 7-inch slab of thick uncut cock hanging between his legs. Anyway, I'm off to dream about Mark's beautiful bubble butt and what I might like to do with it.

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