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Every once in a while UK Naked Men throws a guy up on their site that just turns me into a puddle of goo on the floor. Honestly, I love a lot of the guys on this site, but every couple of weeks, a stud shows up who simply does me in. Danny Star is my latest UK Naked Men love interest. He such a good-looking stud, and his body is pure heaven. He's got lovely big arms and a beautifully sculpted torso. It's smooth for the most part, except for a dark treasure trail crawling out of the waistband of his underwear. God, it's so hot! Danny looks like he's got some Mediterranean background in him -- olive skin, dark hair, and soulful, brooding eyes. And his lips! Plump and kissable. When Danny finally strips out of his jeans and underwear, he reveals a deliciously meaty uncut cock. He tweaks his nipples and stiffens it up. And when he's fully hard, that meaty cock turns thick and veiny, glistening with sweat and precum. Get ready, boys, this stud is a keeper!

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