Outdoor Jack Off

This northern British stud loves jacking off and he'll do it anywhere he can. He recently headed over to UK Naked Men to show of his natural body. Benjamin isn't overly hairy, but he likes to keep what he has. His chest is lightly covered in hair, but his belly is pretty furry. In another couple of years I think this sexy British guy is going to have a nice mat of hair on his torso, then he'll be able to show off his wares on Butch Dixon. As Benjamin sits back in his chair and enjoys the afternoon sun, his very hairy legs creep into view. Fuck! They're hot! He pulls off his underwear briefs and moons the camera. He's got a tight butt and I love seeing the hair creep up his thighs and onto his butt cheeks, disappearing into his ass crack. He even spreads his butt cheeks and gives us a look at his sweaty, hairy fuck hole. God, that's one rosebud that should be wrapped around a thick cock. Benjamin sits back in his chair and grabs his uncut cock. He loves his foreskin and plays with it, smearing his precum all over his sensitive cock head. What a hot way to spend a sunny afternoon!

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