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This is a great scene from Drake Cameron. See what happens when two hot guys get together and pull out the stops on intimacy and fucking. It's a smart combination that these two were really great at putting down! Dayton and Rex are slender and smooth, and couldn't hardly wait until the cameras were rolling to get their hands, lips and cocks on and in each other. You won't be able to look away for even a split second as ass cheeks are parted and one fuckable little hole begs to be eaten and stuffed. Clearly these two were digging on each other fully, and it shows in every moment they were together getting their horniness worked out. In the submissive position on his back, Dayton and Rex enjoyed some good old fashioned ass pumping action. The inches all disappeared and you could tell that both hot boys were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Switching up to the doggy style position, no hole was left unexplored and no passion not sated as these two got quite intimate and found some really great fuckable moments to share with each other.

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