cf-cage.jpgGage is a new guy visiting Corbin Fisher; he's testing out the waters and seeing whether he might like to pick up a course or two of CF Education -- you know, cock sucking 101 or ass fucking 100. Let's hope he does because he's smoking hot and he's got a great cock. Gage has a great face; awesome, kissable lips; messy, blonde hair; and provocative green eyes. I love a man with a nice set of lips, kissing is so hot and with a full set of lucious lips, you've won half the battle. According to Gage's application, he's definitely straight, but that doesn't mean much these days -- straight men seem more and more willing to play around. I don't think it'll be very long before we see Gage on his knees sucking some Corbin Fisher cock, and I'll even bet that Gage will be taking a bone up the ass within the next eight weeks or so. Gage jokes with Corbin Fisher that he's hung like a flea, and while he's not big, he's not small either. Gage is sporting a nice, 7.5-inch cock. When it's hard it sticks straight out from his body at a 90-degree angle and it's sporting the slightest curve to the left. The best thing about Gage's cock is its head. It's plump, delicious, and so suckable. And wait until you see the close-ups of a nice wad of cum creaming out of his piss slit. Yum!

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