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How would you like to ride on the back of this man's Harley? Biker bear Dwaine Anthony is a hot bald daddy who is into hardcore pig sex with blue collar men, other bikers, and hairy bears. Woof! Dwaine loves nothing better than hitting the road on his Harley and hunting for gangbangs in remote truck stops. Double Woof! That sounds like my kind of weekend.

I imagine being of the back of this biker's Harley with my crotch pressed up against his ass and my arms wrapped around his waist. Perhaps I'd unzip his leather jacket, slip my hand inside, and play with his nipple while he drove us down the highway. By the time we stopped at a rest stop, he'd be good and horny. I imagine him forcing me to my knees in the washroom and forcing his fat cock down my throat. Maybe a couple of other men would join us and Dwaine would pimp out my ass to these strangers, letting them fuck my ass while he sat on the toilet, jerking his cock and watching. Then maybe all three of these hot men would dump their loads down my throat, one right after another.

Wow! That's be a fantasy cum true, but in the meantime, head over to Pantheon Bear and watch this hot biker bear tying up his balls and jerking his cock.

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