There's nothing nicer to look at than a guy's hot ass. And Stuart here has a nice one -- beautifully round, smooth, and supported by two beefy thighs. I always like getting a guy in this position, spreading those two big mounds of flesh and diving in with my tongue. And Stuart's butt looks equally as hot when he's standing up. Some guys only have great looking asses when they're lying on their stomachs, but Stuart's butt looks pretty hot either way. Stuart's got a hard, smooth body. He's solid with round shoulders, hard pecs, and a sizzling six pack of abs. And he's a cutie, too -- short hair with longer tufts spiking in the front, sexy brown eyes, and a devilish grin. And Stuart is no slouch in the cock department. He's got an uncut cock with a plump, purple cock head and a loose hanging set of shaved balls. Stuart is one of the hot, new additions to UK Naked Men, and whether he's posing or lying on his stomach, you're going to enjoy looking at him.

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