Devon and Travis are back at to finish off their video clip. Armpits is hot site that obviously focuses on armpits. As a guy who loves feet, I get so frustrated when a photographer pans down a guy's leg and stops short of showing his feet. Equally frustrating is that most photographers focus mainly on a guy's face and his cock, completely ignoring other hot body parts like armpits. But at you're going to get a full dose of hairy pits. Devon and Travis are a couple of blonde guys who are getting it on in a hotel room. They spend a lot of time embracing, kissing, smelling and nuzzling one another's pits before they get into the hardcore sucking and fucking. I love the close-ups as they smell and kiss one another's hairy pits, letting the pungent sex sweat penetrate their nostrils. In the second video clip, Devon and Travis get into a sizzling fucking scene. I'm not sure who is fucking whom, but by the end of it, the top is so hot that he squirts a huge cum load all over his buddy's face. usually has some pretty hot cumshot scenes in their couple sex videos, and Devon and Travis's is no exception.

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