Young twink Dean shows up at Lance's place for a massage. Lance works out of his home and he has clients visit him all day long. Most of the time they're the kind of guys that Lance isn't interested in fucking. But when he opened the door and saw Dean standing there ... sparks flew. Dean starts off in his underwear and Lance starts massaging his body. But he can't keep his eyes off that boy's ass. It's looking pretty hot and he'd love to fuck it. He asks Dean if he'd like to remove his underwear so Lance can do a more full massage. Dean agrees. Lance's cock is getting hard as he massages Deans butt. Dean spreads his legs a little and Lance gets a better view of the boy's sweaty ass crack and he catches a glimpse of Dean's balls. He decides to try his luck and Lance slides his fingers more towards the edges of Dean's crack. Dean doesn't resist. Before you know it Lance is massaging Dean's rosebud. And well, the rest is history. Dean gets his butt hole massaged in ways he could have only hoped for. I guess that's what you call a deep tissue massage.

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