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Rough Fuck At The Poolside

Hot boys fucking at the side of a pool

The latest update from Southern Strokes featuring a hardcore gay sex scene with Southern boy Jayden dominantly fucking Dallas's ass at the side of the pool.

Written by GayDemon

Photos courtesy of Southern Strokes | Review by GayDemon | Published 23 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

Fucking in the Gym

fucking in the gym

One of the things I like best about Sean Cody is the acrobatic sex sessions. You can always count on Sean Cody to get his guys into the most interesting fucking positions. Max and Mitch are fucking in the gym, and their creative use of the workout equipment has me wishing that my personal trainer was this imaginative.

Max is a hot straight guy who is getting more and more comfortable exploring his sexuality. This good-looking guy, with his sexy sideburns, has gotten his ass fucked three times on Sean Cody - this is his fourth. And he's paired up with Mitch, a 25-year-old, banker, who is also straight.

They started making out on the weight bench and quickly serviced one another in a 69 cocksucking position. They're both pretty well hung, so it's hot watching them slobber all over each other's cocks. Max started sucking Mitch's balls and munching on his ass. They they moved over to the ab bench, and Mitch bent Max over and inched his hard cock inside his buddy's ass. Max is a hairy guy and as soon as they started fucking, sweat soaked his furry ass, legs and chest! I particularly liked watching Mitch's stiff cock sliding into Max's hairy fuck hole. After a vigorous fuck session, the guys jerk off together and Max ends up covered in spunk. One final kissing session before these two football hunks head for the showers. Hot!

Written by Joe Spunk

Photos courtesy of Sean Cody | Review by GayDemon | Published 22 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

Muscle Worship

muscle worship

Matthew Rush is becoming a bit of a regular on Men Over 30. He was a big hit when he made a fan's fantasy a reality in Sucking Matthew Rush's Cock and I was equally turned on by Fucking Matthew Rush.

Matthew Rush is helping 19-year-old Tucker Vaughn get his porn career started. Matthew started out a young and lean and now, all these years later, he's practically doubled in size and added some ink. The guys are reading, sitting together in the same room, and when Matthew catches Tucker checking him out, he invites him to join him on the couch. It isn't long before these two are making out. Tucker wraps his lips around Matthew's cock and rubs his hands all over this muscle man's body. God, what a lucky guy. Can you imagine having the opportunity to worship all that hunky, beefy muscle.

Tucker can't get enough of Matthew's thick cock as he shoves as much of that cock as he can into his throat. Then this muscle man turns his attention to Tucker's ass. Matthew slathers his tongue all over Tucker's rosebud and gets it ready for a hard fucking. Matt then slides his fat cock deep into Tucker's hot ass. Within a minute or so, Tucker is completely relaxed and the muscle man starts pounding his ass. Matt bends Tucker over and slams his cock inside that hungry ass. After sitting on Matt's cock and riding it vigorously, the two men sit on the sofa, side by side, and jerk off together. What a session!

Written by Joe Spunk

Photos courtesy of Men Over 30 | Review by GayDemon | Published 21 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

Blond Guys Fucking

blond guys fucking

Gavin Waters is a buff, blond jock and he's making his first appearance on Circle Jerk Boys. Cameron Marshall is another cute, blond guy and he's packing a nice, meaty, 7-inch cock. He's fucked quite a bit of ass on the site, and when he heard a newcomer was joining the ranks, Cameron offered to break him in. Nice guy!

These two blond guys start making out on the couch and the chemistry between them is on fire from the very beginning. Gavin starts licking Cameron's chest and his tongue heads south to the big bulge in Cameron's shorts. Gavin swallows Cameron's cock and Cameron gets pretty turned on watching his dick sliding in and out of his blond friend's mouth. Gavin licks and sucks on Cameron's smooth balls - he doesn't want to miss and inch of this guy.

After swapping blowjobs in a 69 cocksucking session, Gavin bends over and Cameron starts filling his sweet ass. "Take it out and stick it back in" he begs Cameron. After fucking him for a while, Cameron moves Gavin into the missionary position. The guys kiss and Cameron continues to grind against Gavin's ass. "Deeper!" Gavin begs. Finally Gavin takes matters into his own hands and sits on Cameron's hard cock; now he's getting the deeper he was begging for. Riding Cameron's cock hard sends Gavin over the edge and his cock explodes all over Cameron's face. Cameron gives Gavin a big payback and splooges all over his face. Two hot blond guys fucking like dogs and creaming each other in the face - how fucking hot is that?

Written by Joe Spunk

Photos courtesy of Circle Jerk Boys | Review by GayDemon | Published 21 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

Interracial Double Penetration

Black and white guy double fuck asshole

The latest update from Tim Tales featuring a gay sex scene with CutlerX and Tim shoving their huge dicks into Ruben Fux's willing butthole at the same time!

Written by GayDemon

Photos courtesy of Tim Tales | Review by GayDemon | Published 20 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | 1 Comment

Men in Suits Fucking

men in suits

Dennis D'Nello is dressed in an expensive suit; he's sitting at a cafe, enjoying the day and having a cup of coffee. He likes his waiter. Jay Roberts is tall, good looking, and dressed well. Dennis is always turned on by a man in a suit.

The guys flirt with one another as Jay tends to the other clients. He's having trouble keeping his eyes off Dennis. This handsome man has the typical Italian features - dark hair and eyes and heavy 5 o'clock shadow, even though it's only one in the afternoon. Jay takes a chance and tells Dennis that he's finished his shift. Jay just lives down the street and invites the handsome, suited hunk back to his apartment.

The men are barely in the door and they're kissing and ripping the suits off one another. They suck one another's cocks right there in the hallway. They never make it to the bed. In the hallway, Jay starts inching his hard cock between Dennis's deliciously firm butt cheeks. Eventually Jay slides to the floor and Dennis mounts his cock and rides it hard. With their suits strew in a pile on the floor, the men shoot their loads all over one another. Now that's a siesta!

Written by Joe Spunk

Photos courtesy of Kristen Bjorn | Review by GayDemon | Published 19 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

Sucking A NYC Straight Guy's Dick

Sucking off a NYC guy in the shower

The latest update from New York Straight Men featuring a hardcore gay sex scene with Jordan getting his cock serviced in the shower.

Written by GayDemon

Photos courtesy of New York Straight Men | Review by GayDemon | Published 18 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

Ride It Like a Jockey

View full video at Blake Mason

Cute bottom boy Tyler and hottie Aarron sure were hot for each other when they hooked up for this Blake Mason fuck scene. They can't wait to suck each others, and Aarron gets to start as he eagerly goes down on Tyler. The boys take turns working each others' uncut cocks, finally 69ing enthusiastically. Tyler wants more - he mounts Aarron's hard rod and lets it fill his hungry ass, riding it like a jockey in this HOT fuck scene!

Photos courtesy of Blake Mason | Review by GayDemon | Published 17 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

Fuck Him Hard, Cum on his Feet!

sean cody guys fucking

Russ is ex-Air Force and he's studying to be a chef. He dates casually, but doesn't have a special girl in his life yet. Russ also spends a lot of time in the gym. His body is ripped with a nice six-pack and meaty, hairy legs; and he's packing a thick cock with big, low-hanging balls.

Yuri's dream was always to visit the United States, so when he was a teenager, he learned English, and later when he turned 20, he took a break from college and left Poland for the U.S.. Thank God he did! Right now, he's traveling the country and earning money as a personal trainer. He's got a hot, gymnast's body, he's a little hairy, and he's sporting a nice, uncut cock.

When Russ and Yuri met for their video shoot, Sean Cody decided to let them have a little fun before the real fun began. They rented jet skis and raced around the harbor and even got into a little trouble with the harbor police for going too fast. Once they got back to the hotel, the guys decided to shower up and wash the salt water off their bodies. It's a good thing the cameras were rolling because things got started under the spray of hot water. Yuri was fascinated with Russ's ass and lathered it up with soap. When the guys were toweling off, Russ dropped to his knees and started sucking Yuri's uncut cock.

Then they moved to the sofa where Yuri started fucking Russ. This good-looking, American guy has really hairy legs and it doesn't stop there - Russ has a hairy fuck hole, too. Yuri inches his hard cock into Russ's hole, and then, when Russ was comfortable with his thick cock, Yuri fucked Russ' ass all over that couch. Russ eventually blasts his load all over his stomach while Yuri pounds his ass hard. But when Yuri was ready to blow his load, he raised Russ's feet in the air and covered them with cum, and then, he licked it off! When Sean Cody asked Yuri if he's always had a foot fetish, Yuri said, "No, it's something new, and something incredible."

Written by Joe Spunk

Photos courtesy of Sean Cody | Review by GayDemon | Published 16 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

Jeremy Hall Pops a Guy's Cherry

roman and jeremy hall

One of the benefits of running your own gay porn site is that you get to break in a lot of new guys. Say hello to Roman. He's a 22-year-old, bi guy from Boston. Roman has had sex with guys before, but it was always threeway scenarios with his girlfriend. This is the first time that Roman has been one-on-one with a guy. And Jeremy Hall is going to be breaking Roman's cherry.

Roman has also never been fucked or done any adult video work before either, so this is a day of firsts for Roman. He's a good-looking guy with a hard and ripped body and he's sporting some ink, too. Sexy blue eyes and plump, cocksucking lips, and Jeremy puts those lips to good use forcing the virgin to suck his big cock. The guys swap blowjobs for a while and even get into some 69 cocksucking. Then Jeremy hoists Roman's legs over his head and starts eating out his ass - no one has ever done that to Roman before. And he loved it. But this was just the preparation for bigger and better things. When Roman's hole is good and wet, Jeremy starts inching his big cock inside that virgin rosebud. Roman protests a bit, but once he relaxes, he enjoys the ride.

The guys end up fucking on the floor, and with Jeremy's hard cock pumping his ass, Roman jerks his own dick and spews a milky load all over his smooth belly. Jeremy's not far behind and Roman ends up covered in jizz.

Written by Joe Spunk

Photos courtesy of Club Jeremy Hall | Review by GayDemon | Published 15 Jul 2010 in Hardcore Sex | Comments

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