Ew, girl, it is Benson-and-Hedges HOT in Palm Springs! Turns out, the recently-installed Police of Chief, former Riverside cop David Dominguez, has retired after a major flare up - a major fucking flare up for Palm Springs - went down in this former Hollywood den of flesh-on-fleshiness. Last year, in a sting purposely targeting the testerone-enhanced gay community, one not known for its modesty, a number of busts were made after a bulge-y undercover police officer lured rightfully atomized homosexualists into his trap. (The code to send to the arresting officers? "Uncle Willy would like that.") But instead of charging the exclusively homosexual criminal class with "lewd and lascivious acts," they were charged with "indecent exposure," which, from a criminal point-of-view, would require them to register as sex offenders. (Good old America. When we're not trying to sexualize something, we're trying to find suitable punishments for it.)

"I think this town is scared to do anything against gay people," growled long-time resident Joan Wolff who has been rumored to be 'less-than' in the Martini Making Department and has been known to buy lots of candles in a town known for one and looked upon cultishly with the other.

The problem of course is whether or not what happened (one of the public defenders say if there has been a complaint in the Warm Sands neighborhood where this all originally started, he hasn't seen it), but why it only happened only to gay men (straight men don't indulge in high-risk behavior?) and whether or not this town is or isn't the gay Mecca it purports to be.


Right now, I'd say any town that's half gay is about as close to gay Mecca as one is going to find, and that doesn't even include the Dinah Shore Invitational or the White Party! (Via: LATimes.com; photographer Rick Loomis for the L.A Times)

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