two studs fucking

The location is Tyson's place and Karl shows up with some horny intentions, hoping to get Tyson involved in some seriously pleasurable sucking and fucking. It looks like that's exactly what Tyson had in mind because the two get intertwined the moment the front door closes and they're alone. Undressing each other with lusty kisses and passionate nipple licks, once the clothing is discarded, it's clear to see that both men are sporting rock hard cocks that are demanding to b sucked. Karl's pouty lips are quickly wrapped around Tyson's head, eagerly sucking inch after inch down his throat like a starving man.

From sitting to standing, Karl abandons his erection to Tyson's delicious cock sucking, cradling his head close so he can feed him every glorious inch. Not to be outdone, Karl switches up and gives Tyson's cock the tongue lashing it deserves. As the pressure mounts, Karl takes the dominant position and turns Tyson over the arm of the couch and righteously fucks his hot ass. Tyson gives in for more and lies back on the couch to take some more pounding in the missionary position. The couple work up such a hot fucking frenzy that there's only one way to end this scene and that's with both guys blowing their hot cumloads on each others' bodies.

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