Hot 69 Cock Sucking

I always have found 69 cock sucking a little difficult; kind of like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. I guess it's the moving your hips at one speed and pumping your mouth at another that fucks me up. And then, you start adding things like fingering your partner's butt hole, and it's just too much to concentrate on. Davin here is having no problems keeping his mouth and his hips synchronized. He's teams up with a hot bottom, Antonio, in this bareback fucking scene. Davin is tall, smooth, and very lean, and he's sporting a pretty healthy cock, which Antonio wastes no time stuffing down his throat. And after their 69 cock sucking session, Davin sits back on a platform and Antonio squats backwards onto Davin's big, curved cock. Antonio squats down to meet Davin's cock in thrust after thrust. After fucking in a number of different positions, Antonio finally sits on Davin's cock for the grand finale. David squirts a hot, creamy load up Antonio's ass, and this really gets the Latino excited. Antonio isn't fair behind Davin and shoots a huge load all over his top's chest.

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