slave turns the tables

Luke Riley just got out of prison, but it doesn't seem to have done him any good - he's already into another scam. He's holed up in an old trailer in the middle of the woods and he's watching over Phenix Saint, who's naked, bound, blindfolded, and lying in the closet. Luke is waiting for his buddy to get back with the ransom money so they can let this guy go. Luke is out of beer and he's bored and frustrated waiting for his buddy to get back, so he takes it out on his hostage. He flogs Phenix and makes the bound man suck his cock. And then Luke passes out drunk on the couch.

While Luke is comatose Phenix manages to break free. When Luke comes to he finds himself in a binding position - naked and tied spread eagle on the sofa bed. Now it's Phenix's turn to get even. Now who's going to suck cock? Right about now Luke is regretting his treatment of this muscle hunk. And when Luke sees Phenix's big, hard cock, he starts to sweat because he knows eventually that big bone is going to find his way into his ass - and it's going to hurt. But Phenix prolongs the agony just a little bit, flogging Luke and ramming his hard cock down Luke's throat. Then he suspends Luke from the ceiling fan (don't try this at home) and fucks him until he screams for mercy. None is given. You've got to love Bound Gods, they always know how to make us squirm.

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