Fifty is looking mighty fine. This is Rob and he's the latest Hot Older Male. he is a sexy, down-to-earth, horse-hung daddy and he's taking it all off and getting intimate in his gallery. I sure do love what I do, especially when I get to look at hot men like this all day long! Rob is a friendly, randy, versatile hairy men who has one nice, fat cock. His balls are tight and, at the base, his cock is almost as thick as his nuts. God, I love a fat cock. I really thick I prefer girth over length. A long cock just hits a lot of spots inside your butt that can make a long fuck hard to maintain. But a thick, fat cock fills you up nicely without bruising your belly button from the inside. I love holding a fat cock like Rob's in my hand and sliding my tongue up and down it and worshipping it. And this picture of Rob is just perfect -- legs hoisted in the air so you can service his fat cock and suck his smooth, shaved ass hole at the same time. His picture gallery is hot and I can't wait to see him on video, which apparently is coming soon to Hot Older Male.

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