The folks from Fresh SX introduced 19 year old Mika to 18 year old Alexander, handed Mika a video camera and let him take things from here. Since Mika has a massive cock that sometimes gives his partners a little trouble, he thought he'd better get Alexander relaxed and loosened up, so Mika pulled out a dildo, eased it into Alexander's tight ass and turned on the video camera. He started out slow, using the sex toy to fuck Alexander till Alexander was so horny that he had his ass in the air, wanting more!

What could be more beautiful and more sexual than these two beautiful naked twinks kissing passionately? Mika holds Alexander close as their lips and tongues meet, a promise of more to cum... er, come ;)


Once he's all heated up, Alexander can't wait to wrap his lips around Mika's long, thick shaft with its huge mushroom head. But first he teases himself and Mika by taking some long licks up and down.


Alexander has never been fucked by a cock as big as Mika's. It's as thick as a beer can! He plunges it into Alexander's quivering hole, and after a moment of pain, Alexander discovers the intense pleasure that only being fucked by a dick this big can bring!


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