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I've really got a hard bone for Corbin Fisher's Austin. He's a steamy, good-looking stud who has made quite a few videos over at this jock porn site. He's 23 years old, sports a ripped, athletic body, and he gets his ass fucked quite a bit by the other Corbin Fisher jocks.

Cain has also done a lot of videos over at Corbin Fisher, even though he's just 18 years old. He's got a hot, tight body, too; he's good looking with a chiseled face, and packs a nice dick. Corbin Fisher has been wanting to pair up these two for a while.

The guys kiss and strip out of their clothes and then Austin goes to work on Cain's thick, uncut cock. Cain is aggressive. He pulls Austin's hair back and skullfucks him, but Austin seems to like having a man in charge. After spit-lubing Austin's fuck hole, Cain starts inching his big, uncut cock into Austin's butt hole. He's gentle at first, then he just rams it in deep. That's exactly what Austin wanted. Cain jackhammers Austin, pushing his legs far over Austin's head. Then he flips Austin onto his stomach and starts pounding away. "You're my little bitch," he grunts in Austin's ear. Then Austin gets up on his knees and Cain fucks him doggy style. Austin's jerking his cock and it's not long before he starts to yell and shoots a hot load of spunk out of his dick. Cain isn't far behind and shoots his creamy load all over Austin's butt cheeks. Then the guys head off for the showers and talk about how hot their session was.

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