UK Naked Men has just released their first full-length, exclusive video. The site has loads of video clips and they're all shot exclusively for the site, but "The Laird Gets Laid" is their first full-length video. Featuring Henry, a hot man in a kilt and Adam, a muscular stud with a hunger for cock. The laird is standing in his study, leaning against the fire place; he's wearing his kilt and he's looking pretty hot. There's just something about a kilt that makes a man just a whole lot sexier. I suppose it's the lure of what's underneat and whether he's wearing anything at all. But I think it's more than that. The knee socks showing off the shape of the man's legs, but at the same time, not letting you see anything. The sporin, drawing attention to the man's crotch, but keeping everything well-covered. The butler comes into the study. He's wearing a suit and tie. The laird takes a seat and the butler gets down on his knees and starts lifting the laird's kilt and exposing his beautiful legs. Before long the butler has got a mouth full of cock. The laird lies back and gets a extremely long and slow blowjob from his cock-hungry butler.

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